One Direction Australian Tour.

One Direction have finally touched down in Australia, well at least three-fifths of them have! The British boys are in the land of Aus for their Take Me Home tour, starting on Monday the 23rd of September. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson flew into Adelaide yesterday but left fans feeling upset when they went our a back door, bypassing the very eager girls awaiting their arrival. Over 200 girls had been waiting – some for up to 13 hours to catch a glimpse of their idols. Airport security didn’t want to take the risk and forced the boys to use a back exit, mostly due to the 1D hysteria from their previous tour last year. The girls were angry when the boys didn’t appear at all.

A 17 year-old girl told News Corp that she was angry the stars didn’t greet their fans.
“I just feel really let down because we were excited to see them and the least they could have done was poke their head out before they left,” she said.

Liam Payne later tweeted:

“Sorry we couldn’t stop in the airport they said it wasn’t safe?? Great to be in oz though.”

Fans have been waiting a year and a half since tickets went on sale in April last year, and it seems years ago since the tickets were booked – but they are finally here! The boys will do three shows in Adelaide before moving on to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, then flying over to New Zealand for 3 concerts and finally returning to Australia for another 12 sold out shows. Police will be hoping that dedicated fans stay safe and out of danger this year, after the mayhem caused around the city during the Up All Night tour in 2012. When the boys appeared on Sunrise last year things got out of hand and the hosts of the daily breakfast show had to get the 1D boys to tell fans to move back from the fence to prevent any injuries. Some girls fainted and had to be hoisted from the crowd and given medical treatment. Hopefully this time things willl ease up but it doesn’t look promising!

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are expected to arrive on Monday, ahead of their sold-out concert on Monday night. The boys are extremely excited to be in Australia and can’t wait to begin touring the country. Niall Horan tweeted:

“This is gona be soo fun! I love it down under! Obsessed! Gona be a huge 5 weeks! Between aus and nz! U ready for TMHT”

The One Direction boys are stronger then ever and looking forward to performing to thousands of dedicated fans in one of their favourite countries in the world.



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