Interview: Martin Garrix

17 year-old DJ/producer Martin Garrix is taking the music industry by storm after being signed to Spinnin’ Records in 2012. His best known track ‘Animals’ was a top 10 hit in over 10 countries and reached number 1 in Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Fellow blogger and my best friend Ellie Simpson ( and I, read an article about Martin Garrix and contacted him straight away. I always enjoy reading about upcoming stars so interviewing someone that is vastly making himself known to the world is something that we both love to do. We talked to Martin about his hit song ‘Animals,’ what inspired him to begin his career and what we can expect in the near future. Enjoy!

    Cassidy: What sparked your interest in music and how did your career develop from there?

    Dj Tiesto was my first inspiration, I heard him playing at the Olympics in 2004, from that moment on I knew I wanted to make music and become a Dj. I made a bootleg of a track by Enrique Iglesias called ‘Tonight’. This was picked up by a couple of Dutch DJs… After that I got discovered by Spinnin Records, produced ‘Animals’ and that’s where it all exploded! I also released ‘Wizard’ together with Jay Hardway, which turned out huge too! Got signed by Scooter Braun for their new EDM project. And I just announced my US tour dates, playing at Coachella, it still feels unreal sometimes!

    Ellie: Who or what inspires the music you produce?
    I get inspired by a lot, not just one type of music or so. I listen to a lot of different music, and love a lot of artists. So I can get inspired by anything.

    Cassidy: You’re still at such a young age, but what has been the best moment in your career so far?
    Really hard to say, I guess that has to be the great success of Animals, and everything that this track brought me. And all the amazing venues I played last year, alongside my favourite DJ colleagues. My first time in Ibiza was really memorable too.

    Ellie: What’s your favourite song so far that you have produced and what can we see from you in the upcoming months?

    For now that’s ‘Animals’, but there’s a lot to come! 6 collabs on their way, so stay tuned! 😉

    Cassidy: Who is your idol/inspiration and why?

    That still is Tiesto. He became a good friend of mine, but I still have a lot of respect for him! Of course there are a lot more artists I look up to, DJs like Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Alesso.

    Ellie: Do you feel there’s competition around the globe with artists such as Flume and the Stafford Brothers beaming their way up the charts?

    There’s always competition, especially in the EDM scene, but that keeps me motivated and focused. Everybody is really friendly though, I always enjoy seeing other guys at gigs or festivals. So yeah, there is competition but there are also lots of good vibes!

Thanks Martin, and happy reading!


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