As you would have read on my main page, writing is something that I’ve always had a slight interest in. However it’s only recently that I have been able to pinpoint exactly when I realized that it was a career I wanted to pursue. Hopefully you have read about my interest in creating magazines when I was younger, but I also remember putting together folders of my own creative writing stories as well. So all of this over 6 or so years ago, (plus a lot of help from my best friend), has lead me to here – blogging for all of you guys today!

It may come across that I am fairly mature and well-spoken, and maybe I am in m writing but really I’m you’re average crazy, nerdy 16-year old. Here are some facts about myself, that you may like to know:
– I’ve been dancing for over 12 years – currently taking modern ballet, jazz, hip-hop, funk, disco and latin hip-hop.
– I’m co-president of the Student Representative Council at school.
– I have really long, blonde hair.
– My group of friends aren’t your average best friends. We are so incredibly close, and know each other too well sometimes 😉 They mean the absolute world to me.
– I am a trainee dance teacher.
– Now the nerdy side is coming out.. I’m addicted to TV series’, I have every
episode of Friends, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Glee and Hamish and Andy on DVD – not even ashamed.
– I collect celebrity biographies. I love reading, especially true stories.
– I have learnt to play the clarinet, flute, recorder, cello, guitar, keyboard and trumpet.

You might be wondering how I have time to blog, especially because on top of these things I have a job! I sometimes struggle, but writing puts me on cloud nine (hence the title) so I try my very hardest to make time.

Oh, and also!
I am travelling to Sydney in September this year to do a weeks work experience at Girlfriend magazine. I’m obviously very excited about this, so I will keep my blog updated and keep you posted on what I get up to each day at Girlfriend!

Happy reading!


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