Online Shopping – On A Budget

So if you are anything like me, you’re a total lover of online shopping. The minute there is money in my bank account I hit the online stores, filling my virtual shopping basket with any clothes, shoes and accessories that take my fancy. But these items quickly add up, and what do you do when you reach the checkout and your shopping has completely exceeded your price range? Once again, if you’re anything like me, choosing an item to take off your order is almost as difficult as trying to give up chocolate – so surely there is a way to avoid this situation? We all want to be able to finalize our online order and still have money left in the bank, and while this may seem impossible to some, it can be done! Here are my tips on online shopping on a budget:

1. Look around
You may have found that one dress or pair of heels and fallen in love with them straight away. I know the feeling, you want to buy them right that instant so that they’ll be sitting on your doorstep as quickly as possible. But there is a pretty good chance that another store or designer has the same, or a very similar item for a fraction of the price! There is a crazy amount of online stores, and small online boutiques these days so you are bound to find an almost identical item somewhere! So fight off that feeling of impulse buying and have look in any related online stores for the same piece at a much cheaper price – you might even save enough to buy a second item!

2. Wait!
Yes I completely understand that you have probably fallen head over heels for that skirt or pair of shoes and you can’t possibly exit the page without purchasing them. But what if I told you to wait? I know, are probably wondering why I’d ever even consider that. Eventually these fantastic items will have to be moved to the sale page, and you will be able to grab them for at least half of the original price. This may be a month or so later, but if you’re on a tight budget the best thing you can do is wait. This gorgeous piece will still end up in your closet, and you’ll be looking as fabulous as ever even if it is a few weeks after you originally discovered it.

3. Sale pages
Almost every store in town has at least 1 sale rack, and you’ll find that it’s the same with online stores. The first page I check out is the sale page, it is so easy to find great clothes and accessories for a fraction of the price. Checking out the sale page is the best way to save money, and it gives you the opportunity to be creative and mix these great bargains with your previous purchases that are sitting in your wardrobe. Sharing one of my own experiences may convince you more, so here goes! 
I love browsing through the hundreds of pages of women’s clothing on and often save things to my favourites but never purchase them due to being on a 15 year-olds budget (which isn’t a lot, as you may have presumed)! Quite a few weeks later I found a dress and a top that I had previously saved on the sale page, both for half the original price which was now in my range! I purchased the ‘Mooloola Daisy Crochet Dress’ for $29.99, originally $59.99 and the ‘Mooloola White Lace Tank’ for $19.99, which was once $39.99! So both tip number 2 & 3 come into play here, wait until the price decreases and check out the sale pages!

4. Mix and match
Why bother wasting all of your money on a whole new outfit when you can choose just 1 item of clothing but wear it in so many ways! Something like a denim jacket is great for this, so my advice would be to spend your money on a decent denim vest or jacket and get lots of use out of it by pairing it with different clothes to make heaps of outfits – trust me, if you do this right no one will even notice it’s the same jacket! For example, your new jacket with a pair of jeans or some black tights makes for a more casual look but go with a skirt or dress and some heels and you’re ready for any dressy occasion! Mixing and matching your clothes – old and new, is a great way to avoid buying a whole outfit online and just going with that one statement piece, plus you’ll have extra dollars in your pockets!

I know that this is hard advice to take, believe me because I need to take some of it myself! But restricted online shopping is better than no online shopping at all, and who’s to say that you can’t buy amazing clothes with a limited budget? At the end of the day, no one is going to say no to having money in the bank and by using these tips you can have this as well as an amazing wardrobe!

Here are a few of my favourite online stores:

Happy reading!


Body Image.

You would think that how you see yourself would be totally up to you. Wrong! Many people are influenced by media, fashion, peer groups, family, advertising and teen magazines – for both boys and girls. We often compare ourselves with our idols, heroes and airbrushed pictures where special photo techniques, effects and make-up has been used. Who can compare themselves with something that isn’t even real? Not even the movie stars and celebrities look that good in real life. 

Everyone has an image in their head of how they would like to look. You might see a girl at school who looks perfect but even she would have some insecurities. Some of our mental images include looking taller, slimmer, having longer legs, less freckles, bigger muscles – the list goes on and on! We have to realize that our genes make up the majority of what we look like. We can’t do anything about our height, skin colour or body structure so we have to look at ourselves and make the most of what we’ve got.

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and feel confident with their body. So, if you are not happy with yourself, have a think of some things that you could do to improve – without going to the extreme of plastic surgery. What is it that makes people so attractive? It isn’t always their image, some people seem more attractive if they are enjoying life! Here are a few ways you could feel better about yourself:

Recognize that your body is your own, no matter what shape or size it comes in.
Try to focus on how strong and healthy your body is and the things it can do, not whats wrong with it, or what you feel you want to change about it. If you’re worried about your weight or size, check with your doctor to make sure things are OK. But it’s no ones business but your own what your body is like – you have to be happy with it.

What aspects of you can be changed and which ones can’t.
All humans are imperfect. It’s what makes us all unique and special. Everyone has things that they can’t change and need to accept – like their height, for example, or their shoe size. Remind yourself that “real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real.”

When you hear negative comments coming from the inside, tell yourself to stop.
Appreciate that each person is more than just how he or she looks. We’re constantly changing. Try to focus on what is interesting and unique about yourself.

Try building your self-esteem by giving yourself three compliments everyday.
While you’re at it, every night list three things in your day that really made you happy. it can be anything from the beautiful weather outside, to listening to your favorite band, or the way someone laughed at your joke. By focusing on the good things you do and the positive aspects of your life, you can change how you feel about yourself.

Stand up for yourself.
You don’t have to listen to what other people say about how you look. You have the right to be happy with who you are. Don’t let anybody take that away from you.

Be confident and happy with who you are! We are all beautiful people in our own way, and we have the chance to shine and be great. Instead of fighting it, embrace your looks and make it work for you. For more information on body image or for some advice, email me at

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.