Fashion: Jellies Shoes

I promised myself that this would never happen, but it did and I’m actually so happy about it.




Jellies, not the food but the shoe. Are they a fashion do or a fashion don’t? My ridiculous amounts of magazines tell me yes, but my heart and what seems like half of the world’s population are all saying no. If you had of asked me about these 80’s style shoes last week I would have rambled on for hours about how much I dislike them. But I’ve clearly had a change of heart and for only $14.95, I couldn’t resist! When paired with the right outfit, Jellies can look quite stylish and are great for dressing down an outfit that may seem too fancy for just a day in the city. Oh and did I mention the amount of comfort they bring to your feet? I’m here sitting on my laptop, but I’m literally wearing my Jellies just because they are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I will admit, it is only the black ones that have won me over – I am going to need a lot of convincing to even consider buying a clear or coloured pair. So if you’re like me and unsure about purchasing these shoes, here are some ways to wear them and not make them look like fancy crocs or pieces of plastic on your feet. 

High waisted shorts

My black high waisted shorts are my favourite thing to wear with my black Jellies! This combo paired with my loose bright green top tucked into the shorts was perfect for such a warm day today. These shoes are great for the beach, and with this outfit you are set!

Skater skirts

Skater skirts are another great match, especially skirts with a floral pattern! Wearing a plain coloured half top with this outfit makes it super easy to dress up or down. For a night out go for a pair of heels but for a casual day, your pair of Jellies are just perfection! 

Summer dresses

As I mentioned before, Jellies are great for the beach or the pool. What else is great for the beach or the pool? A summer dress. So the two together are a match made in heaven and you’ll be ready for any occasion!

Short jumpsuits

The idea of these two items might seem far-fetched – it did to me too, but you’d be surprised and they actually look great together! My short jumpsuit is black on the top, with a very low-cut back and the shorts are floral. They match perfectly with my Jellies and are another of my favourite combinations! Check out this cute jumpsuit that would look great with your Jellies:–PRINTED-CONTRAST-PLAYSUIT.aspx?p141350&country=AU

So now that you know what to wear your shoes with, where did these interesting pieces of footwear come from?
Jelly shoes were created in the 1960’s when designers were experimenting with different uses of plastic materials. Jellies were huge during the 80’s and 90’s, but then fell out of fashion in the late 90’s. This design was originally a children’s sandal, but the popularity led the shoe to being designed in womens sizes too. They were quite hard to find for a while, before coming back into fashion during the later months of 2013. In the 80’s you could purchase a pair of Jellies for just a couple of dollars, and in reality they are still a very cheap and practical pair of shoes ranging from $10 – $20.  These shoes come in a rainbow of styles and colours, many with the feature of glitter. 







So why not spare $15 this summer and purchase a pair of Jellies. You may not be totally convinced, but I promise you that once you buy a pair you won’t look back.

Slide on into some plastic shoes this summer, you’ll be comfortable and feel great! 

Happy reading!