Interview: Monica&Nellie – Monica Yates

I was recently lucky enough to chat with Monica Yates, the head designer and owner of Monica & Nellie. Monica & Nellie produce hand made, high quality garments that are all one of a kind. They are simple, natural designs with a hint of indie and these are all made with top quality materials. Monica’s designs have been featured as a part of the Expression Fashion Gala, Apex Awards, Melbourne Show and other private events. I read a small article about Monica in DOLLY magazine, contacted her straight away, and she kindly replied very quickly. Here is what Monica Yates had to say:

1. What made you want to start Monica and Nellie and how has it grown since day one?
 I firstly wanted to start Monica and Nellie basically because of my love of fashion and design. Also I realised that there was a bit of a gap in the market for dresses for formals (school, other events) and no reasonably priced made-to-measure options out there besides the average dress maker however she/he is not a designer as well. Due to there not being many options for formal wear for young girls I thought it was appropriate and necessary for Monica and Nellie to have this vision. I am very much a person who prefers to make one off garments rather than 50 of the same thing and therefore that’s why Monica and Nellie is based around the idea of every dress being different and there only being one of each kind

2. Is fashion something you’ve always been interested in? When did it begin and why?
YES! I have loved fashion from a VERY young age and I’ve been influenced from my Mum mostly, because she loves fashion! It probably started when I was living in New York and would have to wear a different outfit each day for school and therefore I became aware of clothes and my appearance. I would change my outfit at least twice, if not three times in the morning before leaving the house! I think fashion is just a way of life, I can’t walk out of the house without being happy with my outfit and how I look. Even though I have my trackie days and stay-in-pjs-all-day days, I am still aware of my appearance. Although every designer says this, fashion IS really about expressing who you are.
3. All of your garments are one of a kind and made from high-quality materials. Why is it important to you that your clothes are made of a high standard?
Yes that’s correct, and I make them all myself. To some people this isn’t really of an importance but due to my clothes being worn for more formal and special events I think that its very important that each garment is made with love and attention. It also makes it more special for the client as the garment fits them perfectly and thus they feel more confident and special. It also means that there is zero chance of anyone wearing the same dress to the same event! High quality clothes also will last much longer and therefore my garments can be worn more than once. Cheap clothes will tend to show their age very rapidly whereas my dresses don’t. 
4. How would you describe your designs and why is it that you love this style of clothing?
My designs are a modern, sophisticated and clean look with hints of bohemian and indie to give it a little character and edge. All the designs and ideas and fresh and up to date with trend that are loved by young women. 
5. Who is your fashion icon?
Ooooo this is a hard one! Well I love Olivia Palermo, her sense of style is just incredible and her outfits ALWAYS amaze me. I also love Mira Duma, her clothes and fashion sense is always so fresh and original. I just adore Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their style is super cool and easy going which I love. I honestly don’t have a specific ‘icon’ as such. I dress for myself and use inspiration from so many sources, not just one ‘icon.’ If someone is walking down the street in an incredible outfit, then they too are my icon.
6. What would your advice be to people out there wanting to follow their dreams and be successful?
Don’t ever stop trying and never ever doubt yourself. Also try and get as much support as possible because this is the best help to pushing yourself. Just believe in yourself and do whatever it takes.
Thanks for your time Monica!
All readers can also look forward to an interview coming up soon with DJ/producer Martin Garrix!

Review: One Direction Midnight Memories Album

The world’s biggest boy band One Direction is busier then ever! With their Take Me Hour tour coming to a close just a month ago and their new album Midnight Memories being released last week, it’s hard to see how the boys can fit in so much in so little time. But their hard work really has paid off this time with the new album reaching number 1 on iTunes and the Billboard 200 in just a matter of days. The power of the Directioners is stronger than ever as the crazy but dedicated fandom come together and it wont be long before the album is number 1 in almost all corners of the globe. It only feels like yesterday that 1D’s first album Up All Night was released, and their innocent, soft voices that we all fell in love with were first shown to the world. The next album Take Me Home was completely different to the first one, and many Directioners weren’t sure how to react but it wasn’t long before we all loved these songs just as much as the first. Once again they have surprised us with a new sound but this new bunch of songs are my favourite to date. Our boys are back – tattooed and all, with an edgier, rock sound in their voices and a matured, grown-up look about them. Here is my review of One Direction’s Midnight Memories album:

Track 1: ‘Best Song Ever’

Best Song Ever is the lead single for Midnight Memories. It was released earlier this year in July and gave us all a taste of what to expect when the new album was released. I don’t believe that this is One Direction’s best song ever, but is definitely one of the catchiest and a great way to start an album. It is your common pop song tune, with extremely catchy lyrics but the film clip definitely makes it! The film clip sees the boys in a Hollywood office, speaking with two executives Johnny and Harvey (Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan), after being led in by office assistant Veronica (Zayn Malik). The geeky marketing man Marcel (Harry Styles) shows the 1D boys pictures of themselves in terrible outfits and even brings in choreographer Leeroy (Liam Payne) to show them some potential dance moves for the film clip. The band then bursts into song, and even adds in a few of their own dance moves throughout! This film clip broke the Vevo 24-hour record but was later beaten by Miley Cyrus with her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video. This song was a great single and an even better way to begin a new album.

Track 2: ‘Story of My Life’

Story of My Life was the second single, and second song on the album! It is a much softer song, with beautiful lyrics and it really shows off One Direction’s vocal ability. This song received positive reviews from critics, fans and is one of my personal favorites. This song is a nice mature point between their pop rock and ballads, which provides a balance through the album. Although it isn’t as catchy, it is a memorable song that is enjoyed by people of all ages – even if you aren’t a boy band lover. ‘Story of My Life’ shows that One Direction isn’t just another boy band, they each have amazing vocal capabilities that can be shown in their slower songs. The lyrics to this song are much deeper and more meaningful and show that boys really have matured since they first started out.

Track 3: ‘Diana’

Diana‘ is the first of a number of rock songs on the album. The catchy guitar and drum tunes throughout the song are similar to those of the 80’s. This song does resemble some old songs by past boy bands but I love it and I think they have done a great job with this song, especially as it is a new style of music for them. Any Directioner named Diana (or those that change their name after hearing this song) will feel very special once they’ve listened to this great tune.

Track 4: ‘Midnight Memories’

Once again this song has a rock influence on it, which isn’t unusual with 1D but it comes across heavily in their fourth track. Critics have also compared this song to past 80’s-90’s music, Def Leppard’s music is a common comparison. I believe that the song they title their album after should be a good one, and I think they have delivered here. Midnight Memories is one of those summer songs that gets blasted through the speakers, it is a YOLO sort of tune that will make anyone happy.

Track 5: ‘You and I’

You and I is another one of my favourites on the album. It is an inspirational sort of song that makes you feel like you can do anything! The song has a slight resemblance to ‘Little Things’ from the Take Me Home album. This song has beautiful lyrics, a love song saying that nothing can come between ‘you and I.’ My favorite line in the song by Mr. Harry Styles himself:

“You and I,
Not even the gods above
Can separate the two of us.”

The lyrics to this song are something that all girls want in real life – especially if it was the One Direction boys singing it to us.

Track 6: ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’

I feel that this song is one very close to the boy’s hearts. To me they are saying that they have come a long way, and done so much at such a young age but they will never forget their homes or how they all started out. This is a soft-rock song with meaningful lyrics that I really enjoy! Considering the boys have been on the road for so much of their lives recently, critics say that they were expecting a song like this on the new album. The first time I listened to Midnight Memories this was my favourite song, and after listening to it many more times it is still up there with some of the best!

Track 7: ‘Strong’

‘Strong’ is another amazing song by One Direction – and another love song that we all wish they were singing to us! It’s the sort of song that we have seen on ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Take Me Home’ but the sort of song that we have grown to love the boys singing.

Track 8: ‘Happily’

‘Happily’ is definitely a stand out on Midnight Memories, it is more or less my favourite song on the album. The eighth track as well as the seven before it is a good mix of genres and style and that is why the first half of the album is the part that I enjoy the most.

Track 9: ‘Right Now’

This song could appeal to a much older audience, rather than their usual teenage crowd. This is one of the matured, calming songs on Midnight Memories and it really shows how much the boys have grown up in the last few years. I believe that this song is quite personal to the 1D boys, in particular Louis, Zayn and Liam. The lyrics seem to be talking about long distance relationships and with the boys on the road a lot, this is something they are left to deal with.

Track 10: ‘Little Black Dress’

This is by far one of the catchiest tracks on Midnight Memories! With an rock feel to it but a ‘dancy’ up-tempo beat it just makes you want to get up on the dance floor. This is a song that everyone will chant through the chorus and I have no doubt that it will go off when they sing it on tour.

Track 11:Through The Dark’

This song is the same sort of style as ‘Happily,’ but not quite as memorable. Once again this is another song with great lyrics and it really shows of their vocals but it won’t be a big hit and it doesn’t really stay in my mind when the album has finished. However it is still a fantastic song with a folk feel to it.

Track 12: ‘Something Great’

Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody helped out one Direction on this one and critics say that there is the resemblance of Snow Patrol’s music in here. This isn’t one of their potential hits, more or less just an album filler but it is still a great song of course, along with every single tune on here!

Track 13: ‘Little White Lies’

‘Little White Lies’ is a catchy pop song that keeps the album going just before the end. We’ve had ‘Little Black Dress’ so why not ‘Little Black Lies?’ I am a huge fan of this song – one of my favourites!

Track 14: ‘Better Than Words’

This is a fantastic way to end another great album by One Direction. ‘Better Than Words’ is a ballad that the boys do so well, and as they get more experienced their ballads are just getting better. 1D chose to finish off with what they do best and that was definitely a smart move. This final song just leaves me wanting to know what will follow in the months to come.

Overall, there is nothing out of place on this amazing new album. I’ve had it on repeat for days and don’t think that I’ll ever get sick of it. It’s great that we get to see the boys mature and grow as artists in not just their appearance, but their music as well. I still believe that this is the beginning for One Direction and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future. If you are not a 1D fan, I suggest you listen to ‘You and I,’ ‘Right Now’ and ‘Little White Lies’ because these sort of songs can appeal to any age group – they aren’t your average boy band music. But if you are a Directioner, I have no doubt that this will be your favourite album to date!

 I give ‘Midnight Memories’ by One Direction 5 out of 5 stars.


Dana Vulin – The Girl Behind The Mask

“My name is Dana Vulin and I’m so glad to be alive. I’ve fought back through blood, tears and unimaginable pain. I’m supposed to be in the prime of my life, but I’m not.”

In February 2012 Dana Vulin was set on fire in her own home because of one huge misunderstanding. Natalie Dimitrovska was high on drugs and jealously when she entered Dana’s home, accused her of sleeping with her husband and then set her alight. 18 months on, Dana continues to undergo painful surgery but her spirit has not been broken. This is her story:

Dana Vulin once described herself as outgoing, loud, fun, wild, different and confident. She had just graduated from University as a 25 year old, with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in advertising. Dana was a wild child and liked to party a lot! She did take drugs, but in her Sunday Night exclusive she says that she was never a dealer, just a user. Dana was extremely confident and took a lot of pride in her appearance. She pulled a lot of attention from men and couldn’t go many places without being ‘hit on.’ Dana’s sister Svetlana says that Dana had two sides, her wild child and her generous side. Svetlana described Dana as being loving, loyal, fun and generous before the attack.

The chain of events leading up to the attack began at a New Years Eve party in 2011. Dana chatted with a man named Edin Handanovic for about half an hour that night, but she says that nothing happened between them even though he told her that he was divorced from his ex wife Natalie Dimitrovska. In the weeks following this Dana had met Edin a second time, but again nothing happened. This time Natalie was furious, she wanted to get back with Edin and was not happy that he’d been seen talking to such a beautiful woman. Dana and Natalie had met before and they had many mutual friends so Dana was shocked when she realised how angry Natalie had become. 
Their next encounter happened on Australia Day of 2012. Dana received a phone call from an angry Natalie saying that she was back with Edin. She was saying some abusive words, swearing and making horrible death threats. These phone calls increased in the weeks following this, the threats just getting worse and worse. 

On the 16th of February at about 6am, Dana was sleeping in her apartment in Perth when she was awoken by Natalie and her male friend breaking in – they were both high on crystal meth. Dana stood up and headed for the door to get them to leave but instead the pair lit up the meth lamp and began making threats. “Tell me where he is or I’ll light you on fire,” Natalie said. Natalie was certain that Dana had been having an affair with her husband and thought that she’d know where he was. Before Dana could answer, Natalie took the bottle of metho and threw it over Dana. Then she threw the meth lamp at her which has a constantly burning flame. Natalie and her fellow male partner watched as Dana’s body was engulfed in flames, and all they did was laugh and walk out.

Dana was immediately emerged in overwhelming pain – she was a human fireball. She ran into the kitchen and put a bucket of water over herself, but it didn’t ease the pain at all. She screamed for help which was heard by a neighbour who called 000. Another neighbour took Dana into her shower and put her under the running cold water. Dana said “It was cold and every drop felt like acid burning into my skin.” The ambulance arrived and drove Dana the short 4 minutes to Perth Hospital where she was put into an induced coma. 

At the time, Dana’s sister Svetlana heard a radio report about a blonde girl in her mid-20’s, being set on fire in Riverdale, Perth. She feared the worst and drove straight to Dana’s apartment where she found police cars and detectives everywhere. Dana’s Mum found out the hard way, she was at work at the same hospital Dana was taken to. “I couldn’t even recognize my own daughter.” Mrs Vulin said.

A report came in and the police immediately knew who they were looking for. They tracked Natalie Dimitrovska’s phone calls and 8 days later they heard her telling her brother that she was on the way to the airport – she was fleeing the country. Police rushed to the airport and arrived there before Natalie, arresting her on the spot. Natalie denied absolutely everything but was proven guilty in court and was later sentenced to 17 years in jail for grievous bodily harm – the longest sentence ever for that offence.

Although Dana’s family were relieved that her attacker had been caught, they still had to face the fact that Dana might not wake up. But 10 days after the attack Dana awoke, however she was not in a good way. She was unable to walk or move and had to be fed by her own mother once again. For the rest of her life, Dana’s skin is unable to protect her at all and she will continue to overheat constantly as she is unable to sweat. Dana has to deal with this for the rest of her life. She should having the time of her life at such a young age but instead she will be having treatment until the day she dies. 

Natalie’s jealousy has completely ruined a young, beautiful girl’s life. Dana will never be able to forget what happened to her, she is scarred on the inside as well as outside. Mrs Vulin says “Dana was burned because she was so beautiful.” We are approaching two years since the attack but Dana’s spirit has not been broken. She is more determined than ever to recover as much as possible and inspire everyone else around the world.


                                                  Before and after the attack.

 Image Dana just after the attack.


One Direction Australian Tour.

One Direction have finally touched down in Australia, well at least three-fifths of them have! The British boys are in the land of Aus for their Take Me Home tour, starting on Monday the 23rd of September. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson flew into Adelaide yesterday but left fans feeling upset when they went our a back door, bypassing the very eager girls awaiting their arrival. Over 200 girls had been waiting – some for up to 13 hours to catch a glimpse of their idols. Airport security didn’t want to take the risk and forced the boys to use a back exit, mostly due to the 1D hysteria from their previous tour last year. The girls were angry when the boys didn’t appear at all.

A 17 year-old girl told News Corp that she was angry the stars didn’t greet their fans.
“I just feel really let down because we were excited to see them and the least they could have done was poke their head out before they left,” she said.

Liam Payne later tweeted:

“Sorry we couldn’t stop in the airport they said it wasn’t safe?? Great to be in oz though.”

Fans have been waiting a year and a half since tickets went on sale in April last year, and it seems years ago since the tickets were booked – but they are finally here! The boys will do three shows in Adelaide before moving on to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, then flying over to New Zealand for 3 concerts and finally returning to Australia for another 12 sold out shows. Police will be hoping that dedicated fans stay safe and out of danger this year, after the mayhem caused around the city during the Up All Night tour in 2012. When the boys appeared on Sunrise last year things got out of hand and the hosts of the daily breakfast show had to get the 1D boys to tell fans to move back from the fence to prevent any injuries. Some girls fainted and had to be hoisted from the crowd and given medical treatment. Hopefully this time things willl ease up but it doesn’t look promising!

Harry Styles and Niall Horan are expected to arrive on Monday, ahead of their sold-out concert on Monday night. The boys are extremely excited to be in Australia and can’t wait to begin touring the country. Niall Horan tweeted:

“This is gona be soo fun! I love it down under! Obsessed! Gona be a huge 5 weeks! Between aus and nz! U ready for TMHT”

The One Direction boys are stronger then ever and looking forward to performing to thousands of dedicated fans in one of their favourite countries in the world.


Interview: Timomatic.

Last year I was lucky enough to get a very short, but special interview with singing and dancing superstar Timomatic. 

Tim Omaji – who is better known as Timomatic, is a Nigerian born Australian singer, songwriter and dancer. Timomatic’s rise to fame was as a contestant on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia on which he placed 7th. In 2011, Timomatic appeared as a contestant on the fifth series of Australia’s Got Talent and placed 3rd. Later that year Timomatic signed with Sony Music Australia and released his debut single ‘Set It Off.’ The single reached number two on the ARIA Singles Charts and went triple platinum. Since then, singles ‘If Looks Could Kill,’ ‘Can You Feel It’ and ‘Parachute’ have been extremely successful. Timomatic is currently a judge on the 2013 series of Australia’s Got Talent.

1. How do you stay so focused and determined to follow your dreams?
I keep myself inspired by listening to excellent classic music or live performances. It keeps me hungry seeing other people living their dreams and making memorable moments.

2. What has been the biggest achievement of your career so far?
I would have to say seeing ‘Set It Off’ going triple platinum. For a debut single it’s a dream come true.

3. 5 years ago, would you have ever imagined yourself to be where you are today?
Yeah, I’ve always been very focused on my goals and to see it become a reality is a confirmation of hardwork and dedication to my craft. 

4. How has life changed for you after entering So You Think You Can Dance and Australia’s Got Talent?
I guess I get noticed a lot more when I’m out, and I’ve never flown so much in my life! It’s awesome!

5. Who is your idol/inspiration and why?
I really look up to the work of Michael Jackson, he is the blueprint for all entertainers. He made people stop and stare every time he hit the stage and he loved giving back to the needy.

6. Do you have any advice for other people out there who want to follow their dreams and be successful?
I would say two things. Hunger and humility. Stay hungry and focused on your craft and work hard until you see results, then keep working! And be humble, I really believe that if you are kind and appreciative of your talents, not only will you enjoy yourself more, you will make a lot more friends than enemies.

Body Image.

You would think that how you see yourself would be totally up to you. Wrong! Many people are influenced by media, fashion, peer groups, family, advertising and teen magazines – for both boys and girls. We often compare ourselves with our idols, heroes and airbrushed pictures where special photo techniques, effects and make-up has been used. Who can compare themselves with something that isn’t even real? Not even the movie stars and celebrities look that good in real life. 

Everyone has an image in their head of how they would like to look. You might see a girl at school who looks perfect but even she would have some insecurities. Some of our mental images include looking taller, slimmer, having longer legs, less freckles, bigger muscles – the list goes on and on! We have to realize that our genes make up the majority of what we look like. We can’t do anything about our height, skin colour or body structure so we have to look at ourselves and make the most of what we’ve got.

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and feel confident with their body. So, if you are not happy with yourself, have a think of some things that you could do to improve – without going to the extreme of plastic surgery. What is it that makes people so attractive? It isn’t always their image, some people seem more attractive if they are enjoying life! Here are a few ways you could feel better about yourself:

Recognize that your body is your own, no matter what shape or size it comes in.
Try to focus on how strong and healthy your body is and the things it can do, not whats wrong with it, or what you feel you want to change about it. If you’re worried about your weight or size, check with your doctor to make sure things are OK. But it’s no ones business but your own what your body is like – you have to be happy with it.

What aspects of you can be changed and which ones can’t.
All humans are imperfect. It’s what makes us all unique and special. Everyone has things that they can’t change and need to accept – like their height, for example, or their shoe size. Remind yourself that “real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real.”

When you hear negative comments coming from the inside, tell yourself to stop.
Appreciate that each person is more than just how he or she looks. We’re constantly changing. Try to focus on what is interesting and unique about yourself.

Try building your self-esteem by giving yourself three compliments everyday.
While you’re at it, every night list three things in your day that really made you happy. it can be anything from the beautiful weather outside, to listening to your favorite band, or the way someone laughed at your joke. By focusing on the good things you do and the positive aspects of your life, you can change how you feel about yourself.

Stand up for yourself.
You don’t have to listen to what other people say about how you look. You have the right to be happy with who you are. Don’t let anybody take that away from you.

Be confident and happy with who you are! We are all beautiful people in our own way, and we have the chance to shine and be great. Instead of fighting it, embrace your looks and make it work for you. For more information on body image or for some advice, email me at

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.

Katie Piper

Katie Piper had an amazing future ahead of her. She had recently moved to London to pursue a career in modelling and TV presenting when she was in her early twenties. At this point in time, there was no stopping Katie. She was living in an apartment with some friends and loving life. One night Katie was looking through her Facebook page when a friend request from a man named Danny Lynch came through. She wouldn’t normally accept strangers but Katie noticed that they had many mutual friends so she accepted and they began talking. The pair talked for a couple of weeks and Katie thought that he seemed like the perfect guy for her. One night Danny suggested that the two finally meet in person so they met at a Cage Rage party a few days later. They clicked straight away and things went from there.

Katie and Danny had been seeing each other for a few weeks and everything seemed to be going well. One day the pair were in town together, just casually browsing through the shops. Earlier that day Katie had noticed that Danny seemed to be ‘on edge’ a bit but didn’t think anything of it. They were moving through the shops and as time went on, Danny seemed to be getting more and more angry. After a while he was yelling at shopkeepers, completely losing his temper and even yelling at Katie. She was very surprised by this sudden change of behavior, but decided to let it go.

A few days after this incident, Danny suggested the two book a hotel room together. Katie agreed and arrived at the hotel later that night. Once again, Danny completely lost his temper. He pushed Katie up against the door and she was knocked unconscious for hours. When Katie finally woke up she had a bad wound to her head and she found herself tied to the bed.

Later that night, Katie was brutally raped. Afterwards she begged Danny to let her go. Finally, he gave in.

Following this incident, Danny would call Katie every 10-15 minutes – all day, everyday. He wanted to know what she was wearing, where she was and who she was with. Katie wasn’t comfortable answering these questions but she couldn’t go to the police because he threatened to come and get her if she told.

On one particular day Danny was ringing Katie more than usual. Her phone connection wasn’t very good so he suggested that she should go downstairs to the coffee shop to get better reception. On her way down, he kept asking exactly where she was and double-checking what she was wearing. As Katie crossed the road to get to the coffee shop, a man with a hoodie approached her holding a cup out. Katie thought he was a homeless man asking for money so her being the person she is, reached into her handbag to find her purse. As Katie lifted her head up, the man threw the cups contents onto her. Katie presumed it was coffee but soon after, she realized it was acid.

Katie ran into the coffee shop screaming for help. People didn’t know what to do, they just stood there watching as her face melted in front of their eyes. She ran around trying to find something to stop the pain. Katie found a bucket of iced water but it was too small to put over her head. Her only option was to go into the toilets and put her head in one – but this didn’t ease the pain at all. At this point, the acid had gone into Katie’s eyes and she was slowly losing her vision. She felt for her phone in her handbag, pulled it out and pressed the button that redialed the last person that she had called, which was one of her best friends. Her friend came and got her and took her to hospital.

Katie Piper’s life has never been the same since. The skin on her face, neck and chest was melted down to the bone. Her modelling and TV presenting career was gone in a matter of seconds. Katie went through years of surgery, operations and counselling. She was such a brave girl, but it wasn’t always that way. After the attack Katie asked her Mum to kill her because she believed her life wasn’t worth living anymore. When Katie was released from hospital, she was frightened of any man wearing dark clothes or a hooded jumper. She was willing to give up on life so many times, but managed to push through it all.

Danny Lynch and Stefan Sylvestre – the man who threw the acid at Katie, both received life sentences. They deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives for destroying a beautiful young girl’s hopes and dreams.

Katie started the Katie Piper Foundation in 2009 to raise money and make it easier for people with burns and scars. She has won countless awards for her charity, bravery and also her best selling books ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Things Get Better.’ Katie is such an inspirational woman and living proof that we can get through anything with enough determination and support around us.

At the lowest point in Katie’s life, she felt like taking her life would be the easiest way out. She was able to get through it, and anyone out there feeling the same way can too. Personally, I think that having your face completely melted and your perfect career destroyed is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. You might think your life is hard sometimes, and it probably is! But can it compare with what Katie had to go through? Even if it can, it is never going to be the end of the world. Life is tough and a little setback isn’t worth taking your life over. It is never the answer.

We all have something to live for. Even when Katie’s life was ruined, she found a way to pull through. She is my inspiration. I encourage all of you to read her two books, they are amazing and so inspiring!

‘If you believe, you will survive.’ – Katie Piper